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2 Ownership of Property (Tenancy/Lease Deed/Regd Purchase Deed)
3 Last Electric & Water Bill Copy
4 NOC form Delhi Fire Service. if neceasary
5 Sanction Plan/Site Plan
6 Medical Certificate of Staff
7 Undertaking/Self Declaration  
I S/o, D/o, W/o Sh. Prop./Partner/Director/Manager/Authorised Signatory of M/s do hereby solemnly affirm and declare and also undertake to abide by the statements made herein below:-

1) That the license is sought for the establishment in the name of for Health Trade in the premises No. at floor situated in Area/ Locality of Mpl. Ward No.
2) That I am/we are R/O am/are the prop./partner/Director/Manager/Authorised Signatory of the said establishment and I/we am/are fully empowered to apply for Health Trade License to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).
3) That I/we agree that the License is being issued in the name of the establishment and does not have any bearing on the ownership and cannot be used for settlement of ownership disputes. That I shall not claim any right/title in the property/ premised on the basis of the said license.
4) That the building is structurally safe and sound. That in case of any accident/ mis-happening, I/we will be personally liable for any claim /damages or legal liabilities from any quarter. I/we shall maintain the structural stability during the continuation of trade.
5) That I/we further undertake not to claim being not entitled to regularize any unauthorized construction and ownership or any other type of claim on the basis of the Health Trade License.
6) That I/we will not hold the NDMC responsible or liable for any action against me by authority, arising from or out of the grant of the said license/ and completely indemnify/ Keep harmless of NDMC of any action that may be taken or proposed to be taken by any of the authorities of Government Department or any Court of Law.
7) That there is no court case on account of violation of any law is pending against the above establishment with respect to grant of License and I/we completely indemnify NDMC for any loss due to court case or any reason whatsoever with regard to dispute being applied/sanctioned herewith.
8) That I/we shall at all the times maintain in good order the licensed premises to prevent danger to life or property or any nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to the neighborhood or public from the use of which the premises is put to.
9) I/we shall not permit in the licensed premises negligent act likely to cause fire or otherwise endanger public safety. I have installed all the fire fighting equipments as per specifications of Fire Safety Standards prescribed under Delhi Fire Service Act, 2007 read with Delhi Fire Services rules, 2010 and completely indemnify the NDMC from any incident of fire due to the grant of the said license.
10) That I/We undertake that the liability for obtaining the Fire Safety Certificate, if required Delhi Fire Service Act, 2007 read with Delhi Fire Services rules, 2010 lies solely with me.
11) That at any point of time if any Law/Act/Government Order/Directions from Any Court of Law Warrants special conditions/ obligations to be met by the establishment, it shall be abided by and be honoured. I/we also understand and undertake that at any point of time due to directions of Govt./Court of Law such license become void, the license so granted stand automatically cancelled without any notice.
12) That the License granted by the Chairperson, NDMC for running the said trade in the present premises, shall be liable to be suspended, revoked or cancelled at any time by the Chairperson or any other officer authorized by him without notice or without assigning any reason thereof, if any conditions of the health license is found to be violated by the applicant/licensee.
13) That my license is liable to be cancelled as per section-.339(3) of the NDMC Act, 1994 in case any of the declaration is proved to be otherwise or any of the information submitted in the application form is found to be otherwise.
14) That I/we shall keep the license prominently displayed in my establishment at all times and on demand by any officer/representative of NDMC shall produce the same for inspection at any time without any advance notice.
15) Whenever the license premised will be vacated, I/we shall inform the concerned licensing Officers of Competent Authority and Surrender the said license.
16) That I/we shall keep the premises clean and prevent accumulation of filth or refuse.
17) That I/We undertake that the proposed activity is permitted activity under the Master Plan 2021 of Delhi and related regulations or although the proposed activity / trade is not in conformity with the Master Plan norms / regulations applicable for the location currently the said trade/ storage use is protected under the Delhi Special Provision Act, 2011/14 till the applicability of the said Act. I/we understand that the grant of the license does not abdicate our responsibilities towards complying with any other provisions of the NDMC ACT, 1994 or any other law for the time being in force.
18) That I/We undertake to ensure that no pollution will be caused by me by running the above said Trade at the above said premises and in case at any stage, it comes to the notice of NDMC or any Statutory. Authority that the unit / establishment is causing any pollution, I/we shall be liable for action under any provision of law.
19) That I/We undertake to ensure that there is no encroachment on public land in the proposed trade premises.
20) That I/We understand that the present licence is granted without verification of the property tax, conversion charge and parking charges records of the subject premises. In the event, any dues are found to be payable against the subject premises by the concerned department, not only in the form of taxes but also penalties, fines, levies etc., the same shall be recoverable from the licensee as per the provisions of the NDMC Act, 1994.
21) That I/we shall at all the times maintain in good order the licensed premises to prevent danger to life or property or any nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to the neighborhood or public from the use of which the premises is put to. I undertake I shall strictly adhere to and abide by all terms & conditions imposed at the time of grant of Health Trade license and also imposed from time to time.
22) That this license is purely on the basis of self declaration/undertaking. If any of the statements of the self declaration/undertaking are subsequently found otherwise, the License is liable to be cancelled/revoked for all intents and purposes forthwith while forfeiting the fee and such person shall be liable for legal and penal action for obtaining license fraudulently by making false averments. The grant of license shall not amount to permission in any manner whatsoever, for change of land use of the premises in question.
23) That at any point of time if any Law/Act/Govt. Order/Directions from any Court of Law /MPD-2021 prohibits any trade activities to be carried out, I/We shall abide by such law/act/Govt. order/Directions from any Court of Law /MPD-2021and honour it.
24) That I/We undertake that I/we have not applied for the trade/are not running any trade which is prohibited by any Act/Law/Govt. orders/Directions from any Court of Law /MPD-2021.

I have read and I accept the terms & conditions mentioned above, I declare that the information provided by me in the application is true to the best of my knowledge and shall be liable for any action for wrong information provided by me under new delhi municipal council.

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