Smart Sewers: Monitoring through Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology, in Massachusetts, USA: During the winter storm of 2015, the blizzard crippled the sewer system of the Plum Island, a barrier Island, which is located off northeast coast of Massachusetts. The Mayor of the city of Newburyport, who is responsible forproviding water and sewer services to the residents of Plum Island, together with other departments, came up with aninnovative solution in the form of sewer monitoring technology to locate sewer system issues. Thegeographical information system (GIS) technology installed by them has allowed to track every component related to sewer system and hence eased the identification of the trouble occurring within the system. The use of GIS technology has not only helped save time, but has become an effective model of monitoring and maintenance of sewer systems in other municipal bodies around the world to follow.

Water supply network leakage reduction program: Pula, Croatia: Municipal authorities around the world have been compelled to rethink on their strategies to attain water balance owing to growing water demands, scarcity of water, environmentally sustainable considerations and so on. In the city of Pula, Croatia, the municipal body has designed a water supply network leakage reduction program as a measure to reduce water loss and thereby help attain water balance. As one of the key parts of the strategy, remote monitoring and leakage reduction measures GIS technology has been incorporated.While on the one hand, this system utilizes the database on the volumes of the water consumed by the households to simulate water pressure and water service interruptions, on the other, it is viable in mapping the plans to carry out renovation and construction work on the water pipe network.

Smart Bins, A real time solution for waste management: Amsterdam, the Netherlands:


Amsterdam has adopted the usage of smart bins equipped with sensor technology and solar powered compactor bins as a smart waste management solution. One of the many advantages of this initiative is that it communicates information on fill level to users to ensure waste collection only when required. It also helps in lessening the collection trips and reduces the traffic interruption caused due to collection visits. Thus, it contributes in improving the street sanitation.

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