Practice of Good-Governance by Jabalpur Smart City Limited: Jabalpur Smart City Limited is aimed to be the pioneer in the state in providing e-governance services for citizens. It has launched a mobile-based citizen app (by the name of Jabalpur -311) to enable citizens of the city to access a range of civic services using their smartphone. The initiative has a cost outlay of around INR 1 crore, which has been financed through Smart City Mission (SCM) funds.

Some of the uses of this app include: access to services like apply online for Birth and Death Certifications; access and payment of property tax, water bill etc.; access to civic services such as water connection, building plan approval, ration card etc.; helpline for Jabalpur Police, ambulance service, women helpline, children helpline, and senior citizen helpline; online booking for water tanker and community hall; real-time traffic and parking information and searches for nearby places.

Jabalpur-311 has significantly quickened and eased the access to civic services and reporting of issues for citizens by allowing them to access various services at any time and from any place using their smart mobile phones.

Practice of Good-Governance by Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited:The Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited aims to ensure ease in access to information about tourist places, public services, events, etc. to the people. Bhubaneswar One is an e portal that integrates geospatial data from all the government and private organizations for providing easy and hassles free information for the residents and tourists. It is an integrated GIS-based map system for government agencies to deliver location-based services and information.

It must be noted that the portal is updated regularly for access to the latest/ pertinent information. Bhubaneswar is also planning to collaborate with other government departments for expanding the utility of the portal.

The portal project is funded through Smart City Funds with a financial outlay of INR 6.25 crore, and is increasingly becoming a one-stop solution for the resident of the city, with respect to services, government and local information.

Practice of Good-Governance by Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited:The Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) has developed a single city mobile app called Pune Connect, under PMC CARE framework, i.e. Citizen Assistance Response and Engagement. This app has a cost outlay of around INR 1 crore. It aims to provide governance and services at the fingertips of citizens and its stakeholders and enhance citizen participation.

The reach of the app has spread to over 10,000 citizens, who are using it for availing the services from the government and for grievance redressal. It is remarkable to note that within just one year of its launch, over 30,000 complaints have been made by the citizens using Pune Connect.

Practice of Good-Governance by Jaipur Smart City Ltd: To revitalize urban public spaces and socially activating the area besides generating economic activity, Jaipur Smart City Ltd (JSCL) has planned to develop night bazaar at Chaura Rasta, in the heart of Pink city. The JSCL would register up to 700 vendors who will be allowed to set up stalls, including eateries, between 9 pm and 1 am. The project will provide entertainment, culture, and shopping for citizens after office hours.

Practice of Good-Governance by Greater London Authority:London has consistently been at the forefront of digital innovation and spearheading smart city policy. ‘The smart London Plan’ is an example of such innovation. Launched in 2013 by the Greater London Authority, it defines a vision for a smarter London and provides a solid framework to integrate opportunities offered by cutting-edge digital technologies into London’s urban fabric. In conjunction with other efforts such as the ‘London Data store’ and the ‘London Dashboard’, which are open data platforms for the public, London is leading the drive to harness technology and data to increase transparency and citizen engagement.

Practice of Good-Governance Bogota:In the Colombian capital of Bogota, ‘My Ideal City’- an online platform for the citizens of Bogota to influence their local downtown smart city planning proposals through real-time interactions and direct feedback mechanism. It emphasizes on forming a “digital ecosystem” where the community is the protagonist of change, discussing ways to improve increase and promoting the capital. The ideas shared by citizens were scrutinized by experts in urbanism, architecture and planning to test their validity which gives a sense of esteem and credibility to the entire process.

Practice of Good-Governance Taipei:Taipei city in Taiwan has proved its specialty in providing smart governance to its citizens. The Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO) has been tasked to implement and fuel the development of Taipei city. The establishment of TPMO has helped to implement a unified e-service platform alongside smart and connected initiatives in transport and energy.