The good practices of NDMC SCL in adopting and implanting Smart initiatives for providing the best mobility in the city are as follows:

Smart Roads: To ensure an improved, better and smooth connectivity in the NDMC SCL territory:

  • NDMC has signed a MoU with Solar Energy Corporation of India for generation of solar energy in NDMC area.
  • Twenty-three locations of electric sub-stations and 13 locations of municipal buildings were found suitable with a total Solar Panel Install Capacity of 1495 KWp.
  • The tendering process has begun for 55 smart poles, which will have facilities such as WiFi, CCTV camera, environment sensors and LED lighting.
  • Tenders for electric vehicles and public bicycle sharing system have also been floated.
  • Out of its target of generating 40 MW through solar power, the agency has so far been able to install only 3.9 MW.
  • Lights would automatically be dimmed for saving energy during non-peak traffic hours.
  • Special features including landscaping, vertical gardens, cycle tracks, street furniture, plazas or eateries, pelican crossing and 3D zebra crossings will be added alongside the road.
  • There will be sensor-based smart parking systems.

Minto Road has been developed under Smart City Plan between outer circle Connaught place to Railway line towards New Delhi Railway Station where provision of landscaping, Glass Fiber Reinforcement (GRC) grill in existing arch with provision of up lighters irrigation system on both sides of road and facade of entry on railway line has also been developed with provision of ACP panel for giving better look.

The roads like K.G. Marg, Barakhamba Road, Sansad Marg, Janpath, Abdul Kalam Road, BKS Marg and Maulana Azad Roads will be taken up under the smart road project having provisions like modern kiosks, street furniture, parking facilities, electric poles and sitting plaza. The design and preliminary estimates for Janpath Plaza, Barakhamba Road and Maulana Azad Road have been prepared, and the work is expected to begin and be completed in 2019-20.

Smart Parking Management System: Multi-level parking has been proposed at Khan Market. The multi-level parking will also have a mobile application through which the pre-booking of parking space at designated locations can be done. Apart from that, 13 roads totalling 31 km will be redesigned, including seven leading to Connaught Place. A public bike-sharing mechanism has also been proposed, services of which will be started soon.

The smart roads will have equipped with sensor-based smart parking system as well. Due to inadequate parking facilities and lack of e-rickshaws to help with last mile connectivity, the project has not yet taken off.

Smart Parking Phase II:The management of parking in Phase-I having sensors at each parking slot, base station/ gateway, smart parking equipment with handheld devices, automatic pay stations, boom barriers, CCTV surveillance, central control centre, Mobile App, etc. is being done through a concessionaire under PPP Model in which the NDMC gets either 61 percent of the total parking charges collected by the concessionaire excluding taxes, or INR 75 lakh per month, whichever is higher. Further, NDMC is also receiving more than INR 15 lakh per month as its share equal to 60 percent of the amount of penalty imposed on four-wheelers and 80 percent of the amount of penalty imposed on two-wheelers parked unauthorized. Further, RFP for selection of the concessionaire for the Phase-II of the Management of Smart Parking in remaining NDMC area has been floated in December 2018 and work is likely to be awarded to the successful applicant by March 2019. Phase-II of the management of Smart Parking in remaining NDMC area is likely to be completed by March 2020.

Public Bike Sharing System: The work of Public Bike Sharing System in the NDMC area under PPP model is being implemented, in which 50 bike stations are there having 500 bicycles with app-based booking and GPS tracking system. These bikes will provide last mile connectivity at a reasonable cost, and the work is likely to be completed by March 2019.

Public Sharing e-Scooter: NDMC has introduced Smart Bike System with a fleet of 500 cycles to strengthen public transport in NDMC area for shorter distances and to provide the last mile connectivity. New Delhi is connected by an exhaustive metro service network and metro commuters use their vehicles to reach metro stations from their homes/workplaces and vice versa. Last mile connectivity to the metro network from citizens’ homes/workplaces will lead to lesser dependence on personal vehicles and will encourage people to use public transport system due to such last mile connectivity.

Accordingly, the NDMC is taking steps to introduce a Public e-Scooter Sharing System to provide a low-cost flexible and environmentally friendly system of personalized public transport. The main objective of this project is to strengthen last mile connectivity to supplement public transport and provide a sustainable Zero emission mode of Personalized Public Transport System with Smart App Management.

Smart Street Furniture: The stainless steel, granite and customized standard street furniture have been installed across the road and at public places in the NDMC area. The design of smart street furniture is state-of-the-art, requiring the least maintenance, durable and gives heritage looks. Street furniture made up of stainless steel, stones including granite has been installed in public places in New Delhi.

Uniform NDMC Kiosks: Considering the need for a compact and self-sufficient kiosk having modern facilities, it was proposed to replace all NDMC kiosks in two phases with precast structures made of durable quality product, in order to bring uniformity and improvement in their structures. Accordingly, the design of a standard kiosk having a size of 2.38 m x 1.73 m has been finalized, which also contains advertisement space on one side. The kiosk shall also have loft space for storage and shall be constructed with reinforced concrete (RCC) and Brickwork and finished with Jodhpur stone and sloping metal roof for an aesthetically pleasing look to gel with the surroundings. The process of work would be initiated after finalizing the sample kiosk, which will be constructed by March 2019, and work would be completed in 2019-20.

Standard Taxi Booths: There are around 100 taxi booths in NDMC area and most of them were constructed in the 1970s. For long, a need for a compact and self-sufficient taxi booth having modern facilities was felt. Accordingly, it is proposed to replace all NDMC Taxi Booths to bring uniformity and improvement in their structures, having space for 2 of bunker beds with storage, sitting space for attendant along with an attached washroom in the year 2019-20. The taxi booths will be constructed with a steel frame having brick filler walls finished in stone tiles and a metal sloping roof to give an aesthetically pleasing look to gel with the surroundings.

Smart Bus Queue Shelters Tender for Smart Bus Queue Shelters of stainless-steel compatible structure with international standards, having facilities such as free Wi-Fi, mobile charging station, digital screen for accessing city information, etc. at 20 locations is being floated under PPP Model and the work is likely to be awarded by March 2019.