NDMC install smart poles with ‘panic buttons’ at schools, Metro stations, markets

In its bid to give a thrust to the Government’s Smart City Mission, New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has installed 55 energy saving smart poles in the Connaught place in Delhi. The poles boast of air sensors, energy-saving LED lighting and WiFi connectivity. Lights of these poles would automatically be dimmed for saving energy during non-peak traffic hours. This step by NDMC is a new initiative where sensor-based smart lighting technology will help the city run more efficiently making it look futuristic at the same time.

These Smart Poles will help achieve the smart city mission objectives keeping in mind citizen’s requirements in the areas of safety, environment, and connectivity and next-generation mobile services along with a robust fibre infrastructure and to make the city clean, safe and smart.

The smart poles also enable installation of 4G based-technology by telecom service providers to support strong mobile data network.

NDMC installed Smart Poles with ‘panic button’ near the gates of 43 school buildings, 16 metro stations, and other sensitive spots. The moment someone presses the panic button, an alert will be sent to the command centre which works round-the-clock. The officers at the command centre will communicate with the person through speakers on the smart pole. There will be a facility for two-way communication through this button as well. The person will be provided with help depending on their grievance. The CCTV cameras on these poles will be equipped to revolve 360 degrees and will be able to capture footage of up to the range of 100 meters.

The installation of these poles will also be at prominent markets such as Sarojini Nagar, Bengali Market, Netaji Nagar, BK Dutt Colony, Bengali Market, and Gole Market.

The LED light can be remotely switched on or off. A time schedule for these has also been set up. For example, after midnight some lights can be powered down to 50-60 percent. We can monitor and decide depending on the requirement. 17,500 LED’s are installed for better illumination.