NDMC upgraded its schools with smart classes , modern infrastructure

NDMC SCL has paid tremendous emphasis on improving the state of education in the area. There are 34 NDMC Schools (13 Senior Secondary, 07 Secondary, 1 Middle, 10 Primary and 3 Nursery Schools), and 11 Navyug Schools (7 Senior Secondary, 1 Secondary and 3 Primary Schools). 

NDMC also has one Special School for specially-abled students (Aanchal School) and one day time Secondary School for drop-out girls and women. NDMC also runs 18 crèches, and provides grants-in-aid to three primary aided schools. 

In a situation where there is a general decline in the yearly enrolment rate of students in government schools, is coming down every year, the enrolment in NDMC/Navyug Schools has shown an impressive growth during the last two academic years 2018-19 and 2017-2018 vis-a-vis the year 2016-17. The overall enrollment in NDMC/Navyug Schools in 2016-2017 was around 27,500 students, which has increased to over 30,000 students in the year 2017-18 and around 30,312 students in the year 2018-19. With the introduction of digital education, excellent infrastructure, digital education, better sports facilities, and improved quality of education, in the schools the enrolment in these schools is likely to further increase during the year 2019-2020. 

Smart Classrooms were set up in all 29 NDMC and Navyug schools in all Hindi/English medium sections of classes VI to XII in the year 2016-17. Smart classrooms have transformed traditional classrooms into futuristic technology enabled smart learn classes by amalgamating state-of-art technology, infrastructure and professionally developed learning content. The subject curriculum is now being made available digitally to facilitate teaching. Such classrooms are being provided with high-end computers, advanced interactive display system based on high end projectors. It must be pointed out that there has been positive impact of these smart classes on school attendance, admission, result, and academic environment, quality of teaching, school infrastructure, school safety and school administration. 




Tablet based smart classes is the latest development in the field of digital education especially for assessment purposes. A plan to enable tablet-based education for all senior secondary schools to undertake online assessment/evaluation of the students is underway. The bid for the same has been floated and the process for procuring the tablets for all 27 secondary and senior secondary schools is in its final stages and is likely to be completed by the end of March 2019. 

This would enable faster and easier assessment of the papers and improve the learning outcome of the students. In collaboration with Microsoft and Samsung, tablets have been provided last year as a pilot project in three classrooms of two schools, namely, N. P. Bengali Girls Senior Secondary School, Gole Market and NP Girls Sr. Secondary School, Gole Market. The pilot results prove the experience to be very fruitful. 

The School Management Information System has been implemented in all the NDMC schools in the year 2018-19, that has the modules of attendance, staff management, teachers’ management, preparation and generation of the mark sheets, comparing the performances of the students as well of the schools, and 29, 649 students have been registered under this School Management Information System.