Public Bike Sharing System by Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited

Pune was once known as a cycling city, but with an increase in the number of fuel-powered vehicles in recent years has led to increasing levels of pollution and congestion. Bicycle sharing in Pune’s transportation scenario has come down to 9 percent. Pune’s Comprehensive Mobility Plan has set a target of increasing the bike sharing to 25 percent.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) prepared the Pune Bicycle Plan in 2016, which will include dedicated bicycle tracks, bicycle parking, signal priority for bicycles to make the cycling safe and attractive in Pune and make it a cycle-friendly city. Pune Cycle Plan is part of the efforts by the PMC to transform transportation in the city. PMC is also committed to improvements in footpaths, the design of streets, public transport, and traffic management. Towards this, significant progress has been made and a 300-km bicycle track in the city has already been constructed.