1. Swimming Pool shall be open to the members only.
  2. Entry shall be through pass only and no excuse shall be entertained for non-possession of the pass.
  3. Members shall deposit their Identity cards & other belongings with the attendant at the main gate before entering the swimming pool. No entry without Identity card/pass.
  4. Discipline is pre-requisite. The pass card of the member who found creating in-discipline will be cancelled.
  5. No valuable articles should be brought with. No staff member accepts the responsibility for the loss of property of the members.
  6. Members shall swim at their own risk and responsibility with proper costumes / cap and shall take a shower bath before entering the pool.
  7. Smoking and/Drinking/Eatables are not allowed.
  8. Beginners should, on no account, enter the large/ competition or the diving pool. They should wear red caps for identification purpose.
  9. Members suffering from any skin/infection/contagious diseases are not allowed.
  10. Full value shall be charged for any damage, breakage or loss of the pool property.
  11. No member shall interfere with the duties of any swimming pool staff member.
  12. Only one timing shall be opted either in the morning or in the evening.
  13. The pool shall be closed on Monday and all gazetted holidays.

S.No Description Monthly Pass Rate Seasonal Pass Rate


NDMC/Navyug School Students

Rs. 200/-

Rs. 1000/-


General Public

Rs. 500/-

Rs. 2500/-