Surtal Amphitheatre Venue

Permitted Functions/Activities

  • Govt. Functions.
  • Social & Cultural shows relating to Music, Culture, Health, Art & Carft, Education.
  • Yoga Camps.
  • Film Shooting.
  • Ideas/Analysis programme by Media Group.


  • Well Connnected.
  • One of the most popular and beautiful amphitheatre of the capital.
  • Sorrounded by lavishly green layouts.
  • Near Preident Estate.
  • Nearest metro station are R.K.Ashram Marg, Rajiv Marg, Shivaji Stadium.
  • Ample free parking outside the Talkatora garden.
  • Suitable for cultural evening, musical concert, theatre and festival.


  • 500 person seating capacity.
  • Green room facilities.
  • Seprate toilets for Artist & Audience.

Cancellation/Prepontment/Postponement Policy

S.No Time Period of receipt of cancellation request Beofre date of Booking Proposed Forfeiture Charges due to Cancellation/Prepontment/Postponement
GST Charges of user Charges
1. More than 30 Days 100% 25%
2. 21-30 Days 100% 50%
3. 10-20 Days 100% 75%
4. Less than 10 Days 100% 100% (No Refund)
5. Cancellation by NDMC If due to any reason including security reasons, the booking of any venue is cancelled by NDMC then the alternate available date will be offered to the user & if not available or it is not accepted by the user for the venue, 100% refund for user charges, security deposit & electric consumption charges (A/C Cooling) shall be made & the GST will be claimed directly by the booking parties from Service Tax Department on their own level.

Booking Charges

S.No Booking Charges GST (@18%) Grand Total Security Charges
1. Rs.10,000 (For Other) Rs.1800/- Rs.11,800/- Rs.10,000 Book Now
2. Rs.5,000 (For Schools Only) Rs.900/- Rs.5,900/- Rs.10,000 Book Now